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Sex and the City (TV) – Pete

November 22nd, 2008 by admin

Sex and the City

USA 1998-2004
TV series, Comedy, Romance


Belongs to Aidan Shaw (John Corbett).
After Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) move in, Pete ate a very expensive Manolo Blahnik shoe and started a big fight, episode “The Good Fight”.

Brittany Spaniel
English Springer Spaniel
Or maybe
Welsh Springer Spaniel

Spoiler: (Highlight in order to read)
Aidan proposed to Carrie on a walk with Pete.

Miranda and Steve share a dog.

Also in this series:
Elizabeth Taylor Goldenblatt

Pete and Carrie

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  • the breed could be Welsh Springer Spaniel rather than English Springer Spaniel ;)

  • Pete is for sure a brittany. No longer called the Brittany spaniel, just simply Brittany. We have a Brittany and my husbands family has bred them for years.