גליה פסי קיטרו – אילוף ופנסיון ביתי לכלבים

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רשימת סרטים וסדרות – A-Z

[למיון לפי שם הכלב, לפי הגזע]

אבגדה וזחטיכ למנסע פצקרשת · A-Z



The Absent Minded Professor – Charlie

The Adventures of Rex and Rinty – Rinty

Another Thin Man – Asta
After The Tin Man – Asta

The Awful Truth – Mr Smith

Baxter – Baxter

Beethoven: The Reel Story – Beethoven

Below the Line – Rin Tin Tin

Benji at Work (TV) – Benji
Benji: Off the Leash! – Benji
Benji Takes a Dive at Marineland (TV)
– Benji
Benji the Hunted – Benji
Benji's Very Own Christmas Story
Benji, Zax & the Alien Prince (TV
) – Benji

Bringing up Baby – George

Caryl of the Mountains – Rinty

Challenge to Lassie – Lassie

Clash of the Wolves – Lobo

Death Goes North – King

A Dog of the Regiment – Rinty

Fangs of the Wild – Rinty

Find Your Man – Buddy

For the Love of Benji (TV) – Benji

Frozen River – Lobo

Jaws of Steel – Rinty

K9 (TV) – K-9

The Hills Have Eyes – Beast
The Hills Have Eyes – Beuty

Hello, 'Frisco – Rin Tin Tin
A Hero of the Big Snows – Rin Tin Tin

Hills of Home – Lassie

Hills of Kentucky – The Grey Ghost

Hollywood Cavalcade – Rin Tin Tin

Land of the Silver Fox – Rinty

Lassie's Great Adventure – Lassie

The Law's Lash

Law of the Wild – Rinty
Law of the Wolf
– Rinty

The Lighthouse by the Sea – Rin Tin Tin

The Lightning Warrior – Rinty
The Lone Defender
– Rinty

The Magic of Lassie – Lassie

The Man Hunter – Rinty

Man's Best Friend – Max

The Man from Hell's River

The Million Dollar Collar – Rinty

My Dad – Rin TinTin

My Three Sons (TV) – Tramp

The New Lassie (TV) – Lassie

The Night Cry – Rin Tin TIn

Old Yeller (TV) – Old Yeller

On the Border – Rinty

The Painted Hills – Lassie

A Race for Life – Rinty

The Return of Rin Tin Tin – Rin Tin Tin

Rinty of the Desert – Rinty
Rough Waters – Rinty

Shadows of the North – King

Shadow of the Thin Man – Asta

The Shaggy Dog 1959 – Wilby Daniels
The Shaggy Dog 1994 – Wilby Daniels
The Shaggy D.A. – Wilby Daniels

The Silver Trail – Rinty
Skull and Crown
– Rinty

Song of the Thin Man – Asta

The Sun Comes Up – Lassie

The Test – Rinnie

The Tin Man – Asta
The Thin Man Goes Home – Asta

Tiger Rose – Scotty

Topper Takes a Trip – Mr Atlas

Top Dog – Reno

Tracked by the Police – Satan

Tracked in the Snow Country – Rin Tin Tin

Vengeance of Rannah – Rannah

Where the North Begins

While London Sleeps – Rinty

The Wolf Dog – Pal

וזחטיכ למנסע פצקרשת · A-Z